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Cynthia McKinney

Representative Cynthia McKinney (Democrat-Georgia) attempts to understand the subtle differences between a cylindrical object and a square object. For most of us, learning the differences between these simple shapes takes place in pre-school and kindergarten. However, if you want to become a prominent Democrat in Congress, you must learn to question the obvious.

Actually, Ms. McKinney is concerned about the Children of Afghanistan confusing unexploded cluster bombs with food rations. Unfortunately, Ms. McKinney is more interested in scoring political points with her constituents than about protecting America from terrorism. Critical of US policy, she would prefer that we attempt to negotiate with people whose only goal and mission in life is to KILL anyone who doesn't think, look, dress and act like them, rather than attempt to conduct a REAL campaign against terrorism.

The obvious solution to the problem of children confusing these two packages is this: STOP SPENDING MILLIONS OF DOLLARS ON THE FOOD RATIONS. If there are no food rations to confuse the bombs with, then children won't be blown up by confusing them.

Welcome to the MORON OF THE MONTH Club, Ms. McKinney. If you see your picture on this page, perhaps you can have someone read to you what the page says.