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Important Things In Life

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Important Things In Life
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Chocolate Muffins and Crossword Puzzles

The quest for meaning and purpose in life leads many to the discovery of various religious experiences. For others, meaning and purpose is found in serving the poor and needy. Still others find fulfillment in meditation, music, psychotherapy or becoming a suicide bomber.

I'm convinced that much soul searching and spiritual wandering could be eliminated if everyone would do what I do. I start each morning with a crossword puzzle and a chocolate muffin. (I used to also start the day with a Coca Cola, but I've switched to Diet soft drinks in order to cancel the calories in the muffin).

For some reason, there is something satisfying about the mental challenge of a crossword puzzle. Expanding your linguistic horizons, challenging your thinking skills and completing a task that not just anyone has the mental capabilities of performing.

And if you get stuck and absolutly CANNOT get a particular word, you can smudge a little chocolate on the blank spaces and then say "Oh, I got that...can't you see it. I must have dropped a piece of my muffin on the paper."

I recommend the crossword puzzles in the "Highlights" children's magazines. I can understand the words in those.

Speaking of important things, an interesting thing happened to me the other day.  A long-time patient of mine who had been suffering the effects of numerous diseases summoned me to his deathbed.  He apparently realized that his time on earth was drawing to a close, and had something urgent to discuss with me before passing from this present life.  Needless to say, I wasted no time in rushing to his side, although, for the life of me, I couldn't figure out what on earth could be so important.  After all, our relationship was not really all that close. 
I arrived at his house very near the end of his life.  I hurried to his side to inquire of him the important matter he was concerned about.  As he struggled to take his final breaths, this dear old man drew me closer to him, so that I could hear him talk.  In a barely audible voice, he asked me, "Tell me, Doc.  Which was it?  One or two?"

I'll add another page as soon as I finish my muffin.