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Govenment and Health Care
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One of the great debates of our times is the debate over health care and the role of Government in the health care industry.

One of the false presumptions is that the health care debate is being waged between those who have philosophical differences of opinion regarding the role of government and taxation in the arena of health, economics and constitutionality issues. The idea that this debate centers around those who regard themselves as social progressives or reformers and those whose goal is to preserve contitutional integrity is gravely mistaken.

The health care debate is really a screen put up by health care workers who see their professions as overcrowded and want to provide more work for themselves to justify their existence. And what BETTER way to create more sick people than to get the government involved in making them WELL?

It is a known fact that government sponsored social reforms and ideas seldom work. No that's putting it too mildly. Government sponsored ideas and reforms USUALLY BACKFIRE and cause the OPPOSITE effect of what was intended.

Does anyone remember GAS SHORTAGES in the early 1970's? Perhaps I'm dating myself, but as I recall, the government decided that Americans were driving cars that were too big and inefficient. In order to FORCE us to drive smaller, more fuel efficient cars, numerous laws were enacted, agencies created and taxes levied.

The result?

First, Americans turned to vans. Especially minivans. But these were too efficient. So the SUV boom was born. Now everyone drives a vehicle roughly the size of the State of Rhode Island that gets 20 gallons per mile. But that's ok, because, if you want to go someplace, you simply point the SUV in the general direction of where you'd like to be ,then you simply walk from the back of the vehicle to the front of the vehicle and you are there.

It's a little known fact that the Chevrolet Suburban got it's name because you can fit a whole suburb in one. The Ford Excursion was so named, not so much because you can take one on an excursion as the fact that you must GO on an excursion to climb into one.

Government mandated efficiency at it's finest.

Need another example? OK.

Consider the internet. Invented by Al Gore. Envisioned as a means for storing, transmitting and retrieving research and educational materials, the internet has become the world's largest advertisment/adult book store/video game the world has known. Ever try to do any LEGITIMATE research on the internet? Forget it.

What other "success stories" are touted by the government and its agencies? Peace in the Middle East? Education? The War on Poverty? Crime Prevention? The War on Drugs?

And you want the GOVERNMENT to take over HEALTH CARE?

Read on, O Brave Soul.